Fairfield Porter

Fairfield Porter

"Portrait of James Schuyler"

Oil on Canvas, 48x42" 

Signed and dated 1955


Peter Beard

Peter Beard

“One Year Gorilla in Rwanda before the Genocide”

40" x 60", Platinum Print Photograph

Signed and Inscribed,  AP  (Edition of 15)

Peter Beard

Peter Beard

“Rwanda Ape Skull”, 23 ¼" x 18 ½” 

1984 colour photograph

Signed, titled and variously inscribed and collaged

Provenance:  Irving Penn 

Charles Rumsey

Charles Rumsey


Bronze, 6 ½" x 14x4 ¼”

Signed and dated 1912

Charles Cary Rumsey is a well known sporting art sculptor from Buffalo, New York. While Rumsey’s life was tragically cut short due to an automobile accident, his work remains to be exhibited both publically and privately. Rumsey’s work can be found in collections and museums throughout the United States, but can also be seen around the world, but most notably in France, Spain, and Peru. His most famous work Pizarro rests in Trujillo, Spain and exemplifies Rumsey’s knowledge of interaction between horse and rider and was originally created for the Panama-Pacific Exposition of 1915. A cast was later donated to Lima, Peru, which was Pizarro’s burial place. The End of the Trail also known as Dying Indian was in front of the Brooklyn Museum for fifty years, but now rests in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. End of the Trail is one of the best known American Indian images to the last four generations in this country and around the world. In addition to Pizarro and End of Trail, some of his most famous public works also include The Bull, located in Smithtown, NY, The Buffalo Hunt, a frieze for the Manhattan Bridge, Victory his World War I Memorial in Zion Park, Brooklyn, Centaur, which stands at the Knox-Albright Art Gallery, Buffalo, New York, and The Three Graces, a large bronze fountain for the terrace of a large manor house “Arden”, built by Avrill H. Harriman in New York.

James Brooks (1906-1992)

James Brooks (1906-1992)


Oil on Canvas, 60x36"

signed lower right, on verso, signed, inscribed, titled and dated 1979



Frederick Bosley  (1881-1941)

Frederick Bosley (1881-1941)

"Spring Blossoms" Oil on Canvas 17x21"

Signed on the lower left side 


Ben Benn "Sea Gulls"

Ben Benn "Sea Gulls"

"Sea Gulls" Oil on Canvas, 20x24"

signed on the lower right side and again on verso  and dated 1934

Russian born in 1884, he emigrated to America in 1899, along with Man Ray and Max Weber.  The American still life and Landscape painter, died at age 98, and was the first generation of American artists in the Cubist movement of painting.  His pictorial approach was always marked by Cezanne and Cubism and his instintive feeling for color and line.  His first group show was in 1913 when he exhibited with Man Ray and Max Weber.  


Theo Hios (1910-1998)

Theo Hios (1910-1998)

"Precipice" Oil on Canvas, 72x50" signed on verso


Yousuf Karsch   1908-2002

Yousuf Karsch 1908-2002

"Henry Moore" 13.3 x 10.5"

Silver Gelatin Print, 1949

The work of Henry Moore, the major British sculptor of the twentieth century, was largely based on the human form, and ranged from large-scale public commissions to small bronzes. He is also known for his air-raid shelter drawings made during the Second World War. For this portrait, Karsh photographed Moore in his studio at Hoglands, his home in Perry Green, Hertfordshire. In the background is the full-size plaster mould for his Family Group (1948-9), the first of his large works to be conceived as a bronze instead of being directly carved from the material.

William Zorach

William Zorach

William Zorach "Hen" 

Polished Bronze, 16"H

Edition 3/6, though only 4 were cast

signed Zorach, 1946

Granite version in the Hirshhorn Museum

Marble version in the Wadsworth Museum


Emil Bisttram  "1895-1976"

Emil Bisttram "1895-1976"

"Projection no.10" Geometric Abstraction

Oil on Canvas, 32x36"

signed on the lower right, c. 1950


Adamson-Duvanes Gallery

Terry DeLapp Gallery Los Angeles, California

Edwin Blashfield "1848-1936"

Edwin Blashfield "1848-1936"

"Midsummers Night Dream" C. 1925

Oil on Canvas, 64x48" 


Edwin Howland Blashfield was an American Painter and Muralist, most known for painting the murals of the Library of Congress, Washington DC.  He studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts after studying engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.  

Charles Rumsey 1879-1922

Charles Rumsey 1879-1922

"Old Virginian" Hunter and Hounds

Bronze, c.1910

7 1/2 x 8 1/4 x 4 1/4"

born in Buffalo, NY in 1879. Hisinterest in sculpture appeared and was encouraged at an early age. The most significant encouragement came when the boy was taken by his parents to Paris in 1893. 


After graduating from Harvard in 1902, Rumsey returned to Paris where he took a studio in the Latin Quarter and enrolled and the Julian and Colarossi Academies. One professor, Emmanuel Fremiet, a specialist in equestrian statuary, devoted special emphasis to the study of the horse, and his training was to have a decisive influence on the young Rumsey. Apart from sculpture, horses were the great passion of his life. He was a superb rider and a world-class polo champion.


Rumsey’s specialties included equestrian sculptures – portraits of polo players and prize horses, as well as of cowboys, cattle and horses as metaphors. He worked principally in bronze and stone, often employing mythology and historical themes articulated in private commissions for freestanding statuary and in public monuments. His 40-foot bas relief panels of Indians, horses and buffalos for the Manhattan Bridge and the heroic subject matter of Rice Stadium commission are examples.


Rumsey was one of the more notable sculptors working in the Beaux-Arts tradition, a monumental and grandiose style that was the chief mode of public sculpture of Rumsey’s day. Yet he was far more than a standard producer of facile monuments. In his brief career (he died in an automobile accident in 1922) he touched on realistic and quasi-impressionist styles


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Nassau County Museum of Art, New York
Petit Palais, Beaux Arts Center Paris France
Newark Museum of Art, New Jersey


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